Eating Europe


Occasionally I write for Eating Europe Tours. From now on, I’ll add the links to the articles as they are published but I thought I’d add the links to the 4 articles I’ve written so far.

On May 6th of this year, I was asked to be the Recipe Blogger of the month for Eating London.  I decided to do an old English classic, and shared how to make Summer Pudding .

Next I was asked to do a research piece on the top cooking schools in London. This article took a long time to put together as I researched thoroughly each school I wrote about. When I finished writing 9 of the Best Cookery Schools in London, I was tempted to take off to London to attend a few cooking lessons myself!

On October 26th Eating Italy published my article, A Foodie Abroad: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Pasta in India or Burgers in Italy .  I’m sure we’ve all seen that tourist who is reluctant to immerse themselves into the culture of a country they are visiting, especially when it comes to food.

For my most recent article, I was asked to contact travel and food bloggers, but also the locals to compile a list of 30 unique things to do in Rome for  Eating Italy . Thanks to their generosity, the list of 30 easily became more than 40, thus the article 42 Unique Things to Do in Rome, was published on November 9th. This is a great list for a visiting tourist or for someone like me who hasn’t lived in Rome that long.  Now I don’t have the excuse to say I have nothing to do when the weekend comes around.