Lavinia’s 40th Birthday Cake

One of my great loves (and what I’m probably known most for in Italy) is cake decorating.  Although I don’t make nearly as many celebration cakes as I used to, occasionally on this blog I’ll share some of my past cakes that I am particularly proud of. 

This cake was our gift to the birthday girl for her 40th Birthday party, and I was really happy with the final result.  Sugarpaste flowers and sugar lace combined with a modern yet elegant colour palette; cream, silver & black! The cake was 3 tiers, and the whole thing was dark chocolate mudcake, Dark chocolate ganache and covered with a white chocolate fondant. I am fairly new to making sugarpaste flowers but I couldn’t have been happier with my magnolias & peony. I’ll confess that I was a little sorry to see them leave the house!

The white chocolate fondant is made by a company in Sicily called COVE.  I have used their products for years, and they are a perfect example of ‘Made in Italy’ excellence.   Cove Online Store

The Sugar Lace is ‘Magic Decor’. Made by the Italian company PAVONI. It is such an easy product to use with impressive results. You can colour the lace before you use it, but for this cake, I painted it silver once it was ready to be used.  I also used Pavoni’s flowers cutters & veiners to make the sugarpaste flowers.  PAVONI Facebook 

The funny thing being at a party where you made the cake is watching people’s reactions as they eat it… I was pleased to see guests lining up to taste the cake, and even happier to hear their appreciation for how delicious it was. (I also took extra ganache along to the party which was served with the cake).

A fabulous party was had by all, and I collapsed into bed in the wee hours of the morning, tired but satisfied with the many hours of work that result in a special  celebration cake!