Busy Busy Weekend!

Well, I had the best intentions to write something over the weekend.. and now it’s Tuesday night… oops, let me correct myself as it’s 20 minutes past midnight! It was a long weekend here, and although Joseph had 4 days off school, Annabella had school Monday, but not Tuesday so I felt it only fair she also miss 4 days and have them both here with me.  There is lots to write about, Joseph who went with Alberto to a gemstone and fossil fair on Sunday afternoon.  Annabella and I instead went for a wander around the shops in ‘centro’.  I remembered Christmas shopping trips when I was much younger with my mother, our grandmother Doreen, and my twin sister.  We would drag those ladies around EVERY shop, trying on clothes in each one, and then deciding at the end of the day that we preferred something we’d tried on in the first shop of the morning!  It’s only now that I admire their patience and they both deserve a monument built for their endurance.  My motivation with Annabella lasts for one shop, and when she suggested we also visit H&M (a four story H&M), I quickly mumbled some excuse saying we would come back to it, but knowing full well we would not! I find it exhausting that everything I point out, she screws up her nose and says No… “It’s not my style!”  Her ‘style’ I might add is jeans, checked shirts and baggy t shirts, preferably black!

I also fondly remember visiting the Hopetoun Tearooms in The Block Arcade as part of the big Christmas shopping trip into the city and thought Annabella & I should do something similar. I decided on a cute little spot I knew and we sat down to order.  Let’s just say Thank God we don’t do that every day as Annabella’s strawberry & banana milkshake and my hot chocolate (with cinnamon and candied orange) cost €16.50!  I told her though that these were special Christmas outings, although I don’t think she’ll appreciate it until she’s at least in her 30’s.

Yesterday was Monday and we all went to the art exhibition The Art of The Brick by American artist Nathan Sawaya . An incredible exhibition of what can be built using just Lego.


This afternoon it was back on the train… Rome-Florence-Rome for me, Rome-Florence-Viareggio for Annabella & Joseph.

I have tried to make some mince pies to photograph, but they aren’t exactly turning out how I wanted them too aesthetically. This means that I’ve been eating them. (not really allowed on the diet) I was thinking though that I’m sure Aunty Nancy, Aunty Lucy and my mother weren’t caring what their mince pies looked like when they were baking over 300 during their annual Christmas baking day!  Mind you they weren’t taking selfies of themselves in the kitchen either! LOL

I can’t finish this post without mentioning what I witnessed tonight. Today, the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy was officially ‘opened’ by Pope Francesco and I didn’t go anywhere near St. Peter’s Square, instead watching bits and pieces on TV.  Tonight though, we walked into St. Peter’s Square to witness the image/video and sound show that was projected onto the façade of St.Peter’s Basilica.  It was spectacular, and although I’ll add some photos, try and imagine these still photographs and videos, combined with the sounds of wildlife filling the piazza.  The crowds were silent and it was a special, but eerily spectacular event to witness.  It certainly made a special end to my very happy weekend!