My latest App addiction is  STELLER !  I love to take photos. I do own a lovely Canon camera, but I also have found that my new iphone6S takes fab pictures.  I use both, although do rely on the Canon for the majority of my pictures that I post.  The problem is I take so many, whether that be of a big celebration cake, small cupcakes, baked comfort foods, or savoury dishes I am particularly proud of.  This becomes a problem when it comes to posting that cake, or that recipe… How do you choose just one picture?  This is why I LOVE Steller. Because finally I can create a photobook that shows off my food photography, (which I am rather proud of.)  I have to thank my dear friend  Francesca Barberini , who mentioned Steller one night to me when were at dinner together. Francesca was the host of the first cooking reality show on TV here in Italy, before MasterChef arrived here.  (and did I mention that I won that?)

Anyway…………… Steller has become my new love, and I’m getting much more love back from Steller than I get from Instagram or Facebook.

This social networking is such hard work, so many hours can (and do) go into baking/cooking, tasting and photographing what you want to show off to the world, so I’m happy to have Steller so that it allows me many more pages with which I can ‘show off’ with! LOL

These are my 13 Steller Stories so far:  (direct link to Toni on Steller )


Do you take way too many photos of the one subject? Are you on Steller?  It’s not just food. It’s travel, family, DIY, places, craft, outdoors, action + outdoors and many more categories.

Let me know what you think!