New Year’s Eve

As I sit here contemplating my year that was 2015, I struggle to write anything inspirational or positive. I can’t really complain about 2015, but I can’t rave about it either.  My Australian family and friends will be waking up at this time, and we will be bringing in the New Year in less than 10minutes.  I am lucky to have shared the evening with three of my dearest and most loved. I cooked the traditional Italian meal of lentils with cotechino (pork sausage), for just the four of us. Now we are sitting watching movies and listening to the many fireworks that are going off outside. It’s not yet midnight, but as small fireworks are readily available to buy here, many people seem to be setting them off. Most of them aren’t that exciting…. all they seem to do is just make a large ‘BANG’, which of course starts the incessant barking of our cocker spaniel Scott, and our efforts to keep him calm.  It is tradition here though in our building to go up on the roof (where I hang my laundry) to watch the fireworks at midnight, and drink champagne together.  We are really lucky actually because we live in a great location which permits us to enjoy a 360° view of all the fireworks.

So, if I had to sum up anything from 2015, I would say that I am grateful and amazingly blessed to have Alberto in my life, immensely grateful to be sharing this holiday with Annabella and Joseph and hoping that I am able to accept more easily as time goes on the fact that they don’t live with me full time.  This has been my hardest cross to bear this year, and although it can seem like a weight dragging me into a black hole of depression sometimes, I am determined to be stronger than that weight, be positive and try to make the best of every moment that we are together.  It’s not always easy to smile, but I’m learning that a smile is better for my soul than tears.

SO, for 2016, I hope:

  • to try and stick to a diet and actually lose weight
  • to get a job that gives me some financial security
  • to give my children at least one fabulous holiday
  • to not let my moods come between Alberto & I
  • to continue writing this blog as honestly as I can
  • to smile and mean it!
Thank You to whoever bothers to read my blog.  I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I do, and I hope you can join me for a successful 2016!

Happy New Year to all!

Toni x

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