Melbourne – Week 1

Well, I did have the very best intentions to keep up my blog on a frequent, even daily basis, during my time in Melbourne.  I’ve certainly collected many photos (mainly food), but I’m yet to write anything on my blog about my foodie experiences!

It’s been a busy first week, and the best way to blog about what I’ve done so far is to do a little review about every restaurant, foodstore or cafe I have visited.  I also had two fun radio interviews this week.  One on the Italian radio station Rete Italia with the ever charming Tony Tardio. The next day I had a very entertaining chat on 3AW’s Saturday morning travel & food program A Moveable Feast with Ross Stevenson and Kate Stevenson (click on the link to hear the podcast).


On a side note, my travel companion has left for a week in Sydney, and I am enjoying not having to listen to criticisms about the Italian food culture in Melbourne.  The ‘food tour’ I have done this week was intersected with some meetings, but food has always been the protaganist.  I’m going to review each restaurant in a separate post as I’m adding a new category to my blog; Restaurant Reviews!  Please check in from time to time to my Restaurant Reviews to see if any of your favourite places are listed.  Obviously once I get back to Italy, my Restaurant Reviews will help you when travelling throughout Italy, but to begin with I’m enjoying what Melbourne has to offer!