The dirty little ‘D’ word!


There have been many times recently when I have decided I ought to start a diet.  There have been equal number of times when I thought I’d actually start that diet, only to have my ‘healthy eating’ plan last a couple of days (if that)!  What I have realised though, is that I really don’t have much of an idea of how I should be eating, but also what portion sizes I should have. An old friend has offered to help me, and although it’s not the first time he’s offered, this time I decided I would be stupid not to accept his professional advice. He is a nutrition and exercise expert and ex Navy Seal! (We haven’t touched on the exercise part yet, but I imagine if he actually lived here he’d be screaming at me to move my ass!)

It’s when you are asked to write down what you actually eat each day that you are forced to realise that what you thought was healthy, or ‘sufficient’ quantities of food, maybe are not. I realise that my metabolism is very sluggish.  Yes I am getting older, but my diet does nothing to facilitate a good metabolism.  I now realise that starting my day with just a caffè latte and then eating nothing until lunch at 2pm probably doesn’t help to speed things along.  Yesterday I started my new ‘diet’ and it really seems like an awful lot of food for me.  I’m forcing myself to have breakfast, and a big breakfast at that too. And I’m actually weighing things, and considering for the first time probably what portions I really should be eating.  It’s all supposed to kick start my metabolism into working faster and burning calories quicker.  I also weighed myself….. which was quite confronting given that I’d ignored those scales for 6 months.  Said trainer also requested photos!!! You know those terrible shots, front side and back… usually while you’re wearing horrible underwear???  Well, I actually took those pictures by myself with my iPhone.  To take them I had to balance myself on the edge of the bathtub (to fit in mirror), praying that I didn’t slip as it wouldn’t have been an attractive discovery for Alberto or the ambulance men who would have had to be called.

Let me tell you those photos are really confronting… and NO I will not be making them public.  I haven’t gathered the courage to send them off to said trainer yet, and it’s killing me even having them on my phone.

Today was a big test.  Is it possible to have lunch with food bloggers and choose something which falls into the ‘diet’ guidelines?  Well I did order the sad grilled chicken with sad grilled vegetables.  It was nice, although I would have much preferred to order a bowl of pasta, or eat one of the delicious pizza’s the restaurant we went to is famous for.  I did make one allowance which is definitely NOT written on the diet, and that was to have a glass of prosecco.  I did this to celebrate the news that my divorce finally… FINALLY came through, and after what I’ve been through in the courts over the last 4 years, I actually deserve to drink a whole bottle! (so one glass was OK… although I’m sure said trainer will tell me otherwise later when he checks in on me).

Alberto’s staff are loving my diet because it means all baked goods are sent to them.  I bake, photograph and send it all out the door!   Hopefully this time I manage to change my eating habits………  and drop some unwanted kilos….. hopefully…