A crazy crazy week….


It’s been a crazy crazy week….. and it’s actually not over yet.  Well, it won’t be over for me until Monday afternoon.  I have been busy doing a lot of prep for a rather exciting catering job I have on 25 April.  ANZAC Day will be remembered and honoured by the Australian Embassy in Rome with a morning tea after the annual ANZAC Day ceremony.  The morning tea will be held in the residence of the Australian Ambassador to Rome, and ‘Yours Truly’ will be the caterer. I catered for ANZAC Day in 2014, and although I’ll be repeating mini meat pies, sausage rolls & lamingtons, I’ve added some new things to the menu and in total there will be 5 savoury and 5 sweet dishes, all easily eaten while holding a glass of bubbly! I am sorry that I won’t be posting any photos or recipes until next week, but I just won’t have the time.  So, to wrap up my week so far;

Monday:  Went to the wholesale mega shopping store METRO to buy 95% of the ingredients for ANZAC Day catering.  The trip was made much more fun thanks to my friend Carla who was driver and assistant professional shopper.

Tuesday: Last minute invite to Stadio Olimpico (Huge atheletic stadium in Rome) where Masterchef judge and Michelin Star chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo was holding an all day seminar. with cooking shows etc.  I arrived in time for lunch (good thinking 99) and managed to meet him too!  Well worth postponing the beginning of my cooking marathon.

Wednesday: Delivered a cake (dummy) for a book launch, then drove to Australian Ambassador’s residence to start making 250 sausage rolls! Raced home, showered, and jumped back into car to attend book launch…. (Came home and collapsed into bed)

Thursday: 9 hours standing and cooking without a break. Came home exhausted, happy and satisfied.

Friday: 9 hours cooking again… began the desserts today.  Came home, jumped into a hot shower, and finally sat down exhausted once again.  I’m feeling happy though that all is on track and this means I am not having a panic attack…. (yet).  I so appreciated the pizza Alberto bought home for dinner and also enjoyed a glass (or two) of beer!


Tomorrow is another early start, plus my father returns to Rome for 24 hours….. oh and it’s my twin sister Lisa’s birthay tomorrow so………………. I’ll be taken out for dinner!