Bella Varenna – A little jewel on Lake Como



I had the most wonderful weekend away.  It has taken me a few days to actually sit down and write about it, but arriving home on Sunday night threw me back into reality and I am convinced there really aren’t enough hours in the day to get my ‘To Do’ list done every day!

Enough of that though…………..Back to my weekend!  I have a friend in Australia who recently bought a little house in Varenna. I had never heard of Varenna, and had also never really seen Lake Como, so when I was invited to visit for the weekend I jumped at the chance.  It was a special weekend because although I was a guest of my friend, he wasn’t there but his parents were.  I haven’t seen them for over 20 years so it was a lovely chance to catch up.  I completely relaxed. I  enjoyed the sun, and even came home with a little tan.  The weather was so hot which was a change from the pouring rain that fell on Italy the weekend before. I had long talks, I  ate and I had leisurely wanders around Varenna.  I definitely came home free of stress and anxiety! (That lasted until I woke Monday morning) Hahaha

Varenna itself is a small, yet magical town.  Everything is so ‘pretty’ – the buildings, the little shops, the restaurants, the narrow streets and the flowerpots overflowing with colourful flowers that are everywhere you look.  I loved walking along, and then glancing down a narrow street and catching a breathtaking glimpse of Lake Como.  I was surprised that the cafe’s and restaurants were not excessively expensive, actually, many not at all expensive with very normal prices.  This means that it is an accessible holiday location for families, although you really do have the feeling of being in a luxury holiday destination.


I’ll leave you with some of my photos…. I took so many because I just couldn’t help myself.  I won’t bore you with them here, but if you’d like to see some more you can visit the Steller Story I created or visit my Instagram page!

I will also let you know the house I stayed in is available for holiday rentals, and you can see more about that by visiting