Cake Decorating

It’s a bit odd that I haven’t really posted many fondant decorated cakes on my blog. The truth is that I don’t decorate cakes as often as I once did, but if asked I am happy to pull out my rolling pin, cutters, gumpaste, ball tool and fondant!  For those of you who don’t know, I once had a television show on the Italian food channel, Gambero Rosso Channel.  Before that I was making many cakes for weddings and birthdays, and if you’d like to see some of my decorated cakes, you can visit my website.

Recently I made a ‘dummy’ wedding cake for a book launch.  Obviously the book was about a wedding.  A dummy cake means that the cake is not really cake.  They are loads of fun to do because you are decorating styrofoam/polystyrene.  It’s a little luxury sometimes to concentrate on the decoration without worrying about cake, fillings, and making it all perfect before you pull out the fondant.  I also made my favourite sugarpaste succulents and that slice of tree trunk you see there?, Well, that is also styrofoam with bark made from sugarpaste.  WEBSITE

Today though, I made a baptism cake for a baby girl.  While I certainly returned to the basics of cake decorating, I actually will always love the quilting look with blossoms for a cake.  I did make baby shoes for the first time from gumpaste though.  These were super easy.  I printed the template from the internet and watched a couple of ‘how to’ Youtube tutorials.


I have heard already that Caterina’s parents were very happy with the cake, so this means I can sleep peacefully.  Speaking of sleep, I better get myself to bed as I have a very exciting day of work tomorrow………….. But I’ll definitely tell you about that next time!