Beautiful Sardegna (could have done without the food poisoning though)!


Last weekend we went away for a long weekend to Sardegna, or Sardinia as it’s known in English.  I had never been before and was not disappointed.  It was one of those weekends that felt like we’d been away for 10 days, instead of the 4 days we were away.  We were in Alghero, which is on the North West side of the island. We flew there with Alitalia from Rome, and the flight was over in an hour!  I think flying time minus take off and landing is only 40 minutes actually.  The historical centre of Alghero is so charming, cobblestone roads, and touristy shops filled with coral and turquoise jewellery.  All of the shops are beautiful to look at and nothing had that tacky tourist feel.  My favourite day was probably Saturday where we spent the day on the beach of ‘Mugoni’ (spiaggia di Mugoni).  Although I wasn’t brave enough to swim in the cold water ( I managed to go in up to my waist), the water was crystal blue, the colour of tropical beaches that you dream of during dreary winters.   I was nursing a little sunburn on my legs from the day before (because I’m a bloody idiot), and the cold water felt very therapeutic on my lobster legs.  The highlight of the day was eating freshly steamed mussels whilst admiring the many shades of blues, greens and turquoise of the sea. I really wanted to stop time because I felt I was surely in paradise. sardegna1

It’s a shame the long weekend was ruined by Saturday night’s dinner, which although delicious at the time, had 10 out of 12 of us wake up Sunday morning feeling very unwell.  Although it could be a dirty kitchen, or someone not washing their hands…. we think the culprit was the ricotta dessert. Everyone had the same entrée and main course, except for me because I am allergic to lobster, prawns & crab.  The chef had prepared a set menu for everyone, but I chose a la carte.  Anyway, I slept well, but as soon as soon as my feet hit the floor, I knew something was wrong.  Apart from stomach cramps, I felt weak and dizzy.  All day I felt like I had a terrible hangover and I can’t describe my joy when I crawled into my own bed at 6pm. ……  I stayed there sleeping until 1.30pm the next day, and it took both Alberto and I about 4 days until we both started feeling better again.