Week in Florence – Day 3

Today has gone quite well (so far), I’ve just got home from picking up both boys and they are playing together beautifully on the floor of the play room…. Let’s see how long they last.  I woke still feeling unwell though,  and after taking Thomas to day care, I came home and ……. fell asleep for a couple of hours! I then made myself go outside and walked into the centre, as I had said I would pay a bill for Lisa and Emiliano at the Post Office.  I’ve never been inside the Post Office in Florence.  It really is the most beautiful Post Office I’ve seen in Italy.  I didn’t mind sitting down to wait my turn which strangely came around very quickly. So, the Post Office is beautiful AND efficient! WOW!

My heart swelled a little when Matteo saw me at the kindergarten when I went to collect him, and he ran to me happily yelling my name.  It’s the little things. 🙂  Then we had a little conversation in the car about compromise when I said he could listen to the Pinocchio song as many times as he liked as soon as Will Smith had stopped singing “Getting Jiggy With It”.

Now, one of the highlights of being in Lisa’s house is that she has SKY… (I do not), so I love to watch the crime channel and of course finally see some MasterChef Australia episodes. OMG, what is it with MasterChef Australia? It had only been on for 10 minutes and I already had a few tears rolling down my cheeks.  Maybe because it makes me homesick?  I don’t know, but I will say that I was snuffling quite a bit half way through…  It does make me feel very patriotic that’s for sure.  Seeing all the incredible ingredients that are available in Australia and realising just what a lucky country it is. From the beef, the seafood, the funghi, honey, cheese, not to mention the indigenous herbs and spices that I have only recently learnt about.  Obviously I also can’t go past mentioning the fruit and vegetables coming from the family that I do. Anyway, I hope all you Aussies appreciate it all.  The thing that stand out the most watching MasterChef Australia though, is how adorable the judges are.  I am so tired of seeing nasty, arrogant and supercilious judges on all Italian cooking realities.  I don’t see why in any role of a teacher, or an expert in your field, it is necessary to humiliate someone less experienced as yourself.  They say it makes good TV. Good TV for me is watching genuine emotions, and not a scripted scene posing as a ‘reality’. The Australian chefs are leaders, mentors, teaching & offering critical critiques and praise where it is warranted. You can see they get as much satisfaction out of seeing the weekly  improvements n the contestants, as the contestants themselves…. Or maybe just a little bit more.

Does Australian MasterChef make you cry too?  Or am I just an emotional softie?

P.S. I’m not biased but the Australian contestants on MasterChef are so good, it’s scary!

Voices have been raised… I must now sign off!

Until tomorrow!!! xxxx

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