Healthy Eating


The other day when I was so fed up with myself, I asked myself how hard can it be? Just eat meat, vegetables, fish, fruit, healthy breakfasts, sprinkle everything with seeds and soon you’ll be glowing, smiling at the sheer joy of life and just exuding health from every pore!

Now it is good to know that I am rather impatient, and today is the second day that I have avoided bread, pasta and refined sugar, and I expect to see results.   I am not smiling at all.  There is no glow and to be honest I’ve been really grumpy… ALL DAY!  I do have a cold, and a low grade headache has been lingering all afternoon. These two factors haven’t helped my mood or the cravings I have for cake & chocolate.  The weather has been so lovely though and as soon as I feel well I must drag myself out for a power walk, and make exercise (once again) part of my daily routine.

So far so good though.  I’ve stayed on track and think I’m eating what I should be without going overboard.  The above photo shows what I’ve eaten today. One fish for me and one for Alberto. He showed the same disdain at eating Brussel Sprouts as I did when I was little and we were made to eat them, pulling a face and refusing to finish them.

The problem is that I realise I have no idea what quantities I should be eating.  I refuse to pay someone to tell me this and my stubborn brain says that surely we all know what we should and shouldn’t eat.  Part of me says, if it’s baby spinach, well surely a huge mountain of it is fine.  I follow so many health and healthy eating gurus on Instagram,  recently looking at their photos while I’m working myself through 3 or 4 mince pies.  On a side note I will let you all know that the large amount of fruit mince left over from Christmas has been frozen today, put out of mind, out of sight until I am worthy of a little reward. Knowing that there is still a lot of my Christmas fruit cake in the house has been torture, but I have resited it so far.

I am enjoying all that I am eating, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t missing sweet treats.  This must be what COLD TURKEY feels like.

Good news is that this week, my friend Kristin Cosgrove from mamacino will be sharing a couple of her healthy recipes as a guest on my blog.  She’ll help my sugar cravings but she’ll also educate us (me) about some of the ingredients we should be using more often.

It’s almost time for bed, I’m watching Fatal Attraction, just had a cup of tea, and I really really really want a piece of fruit cake to accompany it…..

Tomorrow I think this blog needs to publish a  yummy recipe though!


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