A Rather Long Day… My little girl is Sweet 16 !

Just a quick post before I throw myself under a hot shower and crawl into my comfy bed. I caught the train this morning to take Annabella out for her lunch as today was her 16th birthday.  I had bought her an electric mixer and I carried it on the train, all wrapped up with silver paper, and a black and blue bow.  I arrived in Pietrasanta, dropped of the present at the restaurant where we would have lunch, met Annabella at her school, and then we walked back to the Piazza.  Annabella was shocked when I placed the present on the table in front of her.  The box was huge and I know she wasn’t expecting it. The look on her face was priceless and she was very surprised when she unwrapped it.  We had a delicious lunch, and then sat in the piazza chatting and enjoying the warm sunshine.  The time passed quickly and at 5pm I had to get my train to return to Rome.  My father leaves tomorrow to head back to Australia, and so tonight we had a last dinner together.  My trains were all a bit late but I arrived at the restaurant at 9pm.

So, tomorrow morning Dad leaves and I know I’ll feel a little flat for a few days.  I do get used to having him around and I’ll miss the quick WhatsApp in the morning to meet downstairs for our coffee at the bar.

I plan to get back into the kitchen asap too, as this blog needs a new recipe added. Oh, and next Monday I’ll be part of the judging panel for a Gelato Festival! Did you know how much I LOVE gelato?  I could eat it for breakfast, lunch & dinner!